Pension and hostel in Padrón, on the Portuguese Way

Seafood restaurant in Padrón

O Santiaguiño Restaurant

The Santiaguiño Restaurant is located in the Plaza de Macías, in the historic center of Padrón. We have a large terrace located in the square itself, and a dining room on the upper floor. We offer specialties such as cod al Santiaguiño (Portuguese style), a wide variety of shellfish and fish, squid al Santiaguiño, octopus, beef ribeye.

We have take away food service.

  • Padrón peppers in season
  • Grilled Meat
  • Squid to Santiaguiño
  • Cod Santiaguiño
  • Rice with lobster
  • Seafood paella
  • Octopus with clams
  • Noodles with clams

take away food service

In the Restaurant O Santiaguiño in Padrón we also have take away food service. If you want to enjoy our totally homemade specialties, you can book by clicking on the button.